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About us

SaschArt Audio Software is the producer of VST audio plugins that quickly came into the top of the best worldwide music plug-ins for music makers. These plugins are intended for both professional musicians and beginners due to their unique features like: exceptional performance, clear and transparent sound, high reliability, easy to use, intuitive, innovative, user friendly, attractive interface.

Thanks to our own algorithms and audio research, our products are very friendly to your resources. In this way we have got the best performance having the lowest CPU and RAM usage in the top of the mastering limiters. For example, easyLimiter is considered by many as the world¡¯s best free limiter. It was demonstrated beyond any doubt that it uses the fewest hardware resources, far less than the next ranked.

We have focused on easy-to-use delayers, limiters, filters, and distortions. Last but not least, we launched a series of generators for therapeutic music. BinauralGenerator lounching in the free version has greatly helped therapeutic music development. Thanks to the wave research done by our sound engineer EmRysRa, we have developed for first time in the world the golden waveforms concept that is a revolutionary turning point in the field of sound therapy.

To make our plugins we have used up to now the Steinberg VST technology, iPlug framework from Cockos Incorporated based on programming in C ++

Our team is made up of a C ++ programmer, a graphic artist and last but not least our musician and sound engineer EmRysRa who thank him for his contribution and collaboration. 

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