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The second set of templates

The second set of templates for BrainWaveProducer. Require BinauralTones.

This set it's free :)

How to use it: very simple, unzip, enter the desired category and open the chosen template.
Download templates: 107_BWP

Date: 2022-04-20 by


Free templates for BrainWaveProducer

I made a set of templates for BrainWaveProducer. Works on the free version for both, the program and the plugins used, so it's completely free.


1 DNA healing - goldewaves
2 DNA healing
3 Morphine, reduce pain - goldewaves
4 Morphine, reduce pain
5 Reduces stress and anxiety - goldewaves
6 Reduces stress and anxiety
7 Remedy for anger & irritability - goldewaves
8 Remedy for anger & irritability
9 Remedy for depression - goldewaves
10 Remedy for depression
11 Universal healing - goldewaves
12 Universal healing

1 Creativity increasing - goldewaves
2 Creativity increasing
3 Euphoria induction - goldewaves
4 Euphoria induction
5 Highest mental activity - goldewaves
6 Highest mental activity
7 Intuition - goldewaves
8 Intuition
9 Marijuana - goldewaves
10 Marijuana
11 Psychedelic fun - goldewaves
12 Psychedelic fun
13 Relaxation - goldewaves
14 Relaxation
15 Sleep induction - goldewaves
16 Sleep induction

1 Astral travel - goldewaves
2 Astral travel
3 Meditation state - goldewaves
4 Meditation state
5 Spiritual awareness - goldewaves
6 Spiritual awareness
7 Third eye opening - goldewaves
8 Third eye opening
9 Trance state - goldewaves
10 Trance state

1 Focus and concentration - goldewaves
2 Focus and concentration
3 Intelligence - goldewaves
4 Intelligence
5 Memory - goldewaves
6 Memory
7 Stimulates mental clarity - goldewaves
8 Stimulates mental clarity
9 Study and learning - goldewaves
10 Study and learning

How to use it: very simple, unzip, enter the desired category and open the chosen template.

Download templates: 104_BWP

Date: 2022-03-29 by


It's my favorite

This program is fabulous and cheap, it's my favorite.

Date: 2021-07-02 by


It's worth it the money

I've been using it for some time without any problems, six months in the free version then bought it, it's worth it.

Date: 2021-04-22 by


Neuronal Pan Washing

I found a template that is fabulous - Neuronal Pan Washing.bwpr. I want to use this effect only in the first 5 minutes and then play only binaural. Can I ? How to do it?

Date: 2020-10-30 by


Must add an envelope on the Track 1 for Volume parameter. Then make a fade out up to 5 min with two points.

Try this project
Download templates: Neuronal Pan Washing 5min.bwpr

Date: 2020-11-04 by


Golden waves

Golden waves have a strong effect, better than other waves. I see that they can be done for free, thank you

Date: 2020-10-28 by


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