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LFOtherapist Snapshot
Price: 22.00 €
LFOtherapist it's a modulator for music therapy and brain wave entrainment. You can insert healing frequencies in any audio input. The modulator include the golden waves, classic waves and have two LFOs modulators. It takes very low resources!

First way to create healing music

  • Two LFOs modulators working by frequencies
  • Nine waveforms, classic waves and golden waves: Sine, Golden Sine, Triangle, Golden Tri, Saw, Saw Flip, Sine Half, Half Flip, Golden Half
  • Two filters: lowpass and highpass
  • The modulators can to modulate Out gain, Low Gain and High Gain
  • 116 presets with most important healing frequencies, high state of consciousness, out of body, astral projection, chakras, Schumann resonance, planets frequencies, Solfeggio frequencies etc
  • Activity indicator for the two modulators. The green bar indicates the area where the modulator is active.
  • Brainwave range detector: epsilon, delta, theta, alpha, beta, gamma and lambda.
  • Free for 60 seconds.  

  • Value input from keyboard: go over the knob and right click, insert value from keyboard then hit enter.
  • Set default value: double click on the knob


DAW (VST host), Windows 32/64bits or MacOS VST and AU


The archive contains two versions for architecture of 32bits and 64bits, use only one of them according with your needs.

The Golden waves was used on our precedent generators like: goldenSynth, binauralTones, isochronicTones and goldenGenerator


1.1 (2023-05-12)
  • UPDATE: change values by mouse wheel. VST 3 version was added.
1.04 (2021-06-03)
  • FIXED: hidden GUI problem on LogicPro solved
1.03 (2021-05-27)
  • UPDATED: code improved
1.02 (2021-04-22)
  • FIXED: unlock key was added as a file, this solves certain incompatibilities with the OSX system
Keywords: wave, solfeggio, planets, healing, audio, host, waveforms, frequencies, music, golden, hemi-sync, presets, lfos, bits, consciousness, modulator, waves, golden

Easy to use and extremely low resources

Very nice minimal DAW with a very good plugin set.

I really dont have anything to add just because its a perfect combination. Bought it and love it.

Date: 2022-12-06 by


I download Binaural Generator and love it BUT !

I wonder , can you make it that we can target frequency that are higher that 1500HZ , i want to experiment with the full spectrum till 20000hz.
or is this program can do that ? ill buy it for sure if it does !
ok another thing , I want to target binaural that are higher than 40 HZ too.
So , Base frequency 20 to 20k
and binaural 0.2 to 500 can be nice !!
Is it hard to adjust that ? will buy for sure if those 2 things are available !
thanks in advance.

Date: 2022-10-11 by


All paid versions have this features


All paid versions from have base frequency from 20 to 20KHz and binaural from 0Hz up to 512Hz

More, binauralTones have binaural up to 10KHz, binauralSynth and binauralSynth have base frequency starting from 1Hz

Date: 2022-10-11 by


unlock key

Where do I paste the unlock key?

Date: 2022-09-25 by


The second set of templates

The second set of templates for BrainWaveProducer. Require BinauralTones.

This set it's free :)

How to use it: very simple, unzip, enter the desired category and open the chosen template.
Download templates: 107_BWP

Date: 2022-04-20 by


Free templates for BrainWaveProducer

I made a set of templates for BrainWaveProducer. Works on the free version for both, the program and the plugins used, so it's completely free.


1 DNA healing - goldewaves
2 DNA healing
3 Morphine, reduce pain - goldewaves
4 Morphine, reduce pain
5 Reduces stress and anxiety - goldewaves
6 Reduces stress and anxiety
7 Remedy for anger & irritability - goldewaves
8 Remedy for anger & irritability
9 Remedy for depression - goldewaves
10 Remedy for depression
11 Universal healing - goldewaves
12 Universal healing

1 Creativity increasing - goldewaves
2 Creativity increasing
3 Euphoria induction - goldewaves
4 Euphoria induction
5 Highest mental activity - goldewaves
6 Highest mental activity
7 Intuition - goldewaves
8 Intuition
9 Marijuana - goldewaves
10 Marijuana
11 Psychedelic fun - goldewaves
12 Psychedelic fun
13 Relaxation - goldewaves
14 Relaxation
15 Sleep induction - goldewaves
16 Sleep induction

1 Astral travel - goldewaves
2 Astral travel
3 Meditation state - goldewaves
4 Meditation state
5 Spiritual awareness - goldewaves
6 Spiritual awareness
7 Third eye opening - goldewaves
8 Third eye opening
9 Trance state - goldewaves
10 Trance state

1 Focus and concentration - goldewaves
2 Focus and concentration
3 Intelligence - goldewaves
4 Intelligence
5 Memory - goldewaves
6 Memory
7 Stimulates mental clarity - goldewaves
8 Stimulates mental clarity
9 Study and learning - goldewaves
10 Study and learning

How to use it: very simple, unzip, enter the desired category and open the chosen template.

Download templates: 104_BWP

Date: 2022-03-29 by


It's my favorite

This program is fabulous and cheap, it's my favorite.

Date: 2021-07-02 by


It's worth it the money

I've been using it for some time without any problems, six months in the free version then bought it, it's worth it.

Date: 2021-04-22 by


Neuronal Pan Washing

I found a template that is fabulous - Neuronal Pan Washing.bwpr. I want to use this effect only in the first 5 minutes and then play only binaural. Can I ? How to do it?

Date: 2020-10-30 by


Must add an envelope on the Track 1 for Volume parameter. Then make a fade out up to 5 min with two points.

Try this project
Download templates: Neuronal Pan Washing 5min.bwpr

Date: 2020-11-04 by


Golden waves

Golden waves have a strong effect, better than other waves. I see that they can be done for free, thank you

Date: 2020-10-28 by


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