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Brain Wave Producer Terms & Conditions

Free Version:

Brain Wave Producer offer you free version with no limit time period but: maximum two tracks, maximum two envelopes and can export wav files only.  

Payments for BWP:

You can to pay to PayPal the software with credit card, bank account or phone number using PayPal. Buying the unlock key offers you the lifting of the limitations from the free version: no limit tracks, no limit envelopes and .ogg .mp3 exporting.  That does not mean that all plugins/tracks will be unlocked.  

After payment your account at Brain Wave Producer will be updated and you will receive in a few minutes the unlock key.

No rights for publishing or reselling are included, only for personal use, contact us to Brain Wave Producer in case of resell, or you want to order a custom software.

Most easy way to purcahase:

1. Download the free version from our site.
2. Click on Tools > Unlock > Get Unlock Key button from software interface.
3. Login/register to your account at, then pay the product.
4. After payment you will be redirect to your account where will find the unlock key to convert free version to commercial. No additional download required.
5. Click again on  Tools > Unlock then paste your unlock key and push Insert Unlock Key. Restart the software and enjoy the unlimited possibilities of the software.  

You may use one purchased license of BrainWaveProducer for maximum three computers. Please make unlock key request from your home/office not from different locations. You can use it for one person or for one company.

Payments History:

We keep in our database the history payments made by you to our merchants. Our site make this statistics in real time so you can check fast your payments.

Refund Policy:

We can refund your payment if the unlock process it does not works into any of the unlocking variants. We are willing to try all methods to provide unlocking. However, if we have real evidence that the process does not work for you at all, this can be done after repeated attempts, we're making a refund. Pay attention, if you use our unlocked program after a refund, it means that you are using software without authorization, this is a crime. The punishment is prison, a huge fine and compensation to us of tens of thousands of euros.
Please to test the available demo version before purchasing and see if it meets your requirements. We can not refund if you do not check it properly. Demo version is to test it. After publishing the unlock key on your account, we can not have any guarantee that you will not use it to unlock the program/plugin, so in this case it's not possible any refund. Please don't put us to pay refund fees for your mistakes! Please check the list of known bugs, they are not reasons for refund. See if you can use the program with these bugs if they appear in your case.  

Safe unlock even if our site it's offline:

There are a lot of audio plugin manufacturers that in time have gone bankrupt or have closed their business and website. So their customers were left with the money given without being able to continue to benefit from the products they bought.

We understand this very well, so we thought to asure our customers so that problem wouldn't happen. For this reason we have already implemented a system through which our program BrainWaveProducer creates the offline key if the user bought the plugin from us. You can download it from here light and free version it's enough.

Non-Personal Information Collected:

When visitors/members access our web site, certain non-personal information may be collected from them including, their browser type, the IP address, and the domain name from which they have accessed the site. We do not track any other information about members less the information required from signup form. Please don't try to hack our site, all unusual ways to access our pages will be registered, you must use only usual links from our pages. Credit Card fraud and all billing fraud is a serious crime. The collected information will be used by us only if you try to credit card, billing fraud or hack tentative.

Technical Requirments to use our site:

- Can work on all operation systems
- Internet connection
- Internet browser, we recommend in order: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Chrome

End user license agreement (EULA)

You are not allowed to sell or to rent this software unless we have a common agreement . You are not allowed to reverse engineer this software.

This software is provided ‘as-is’, without any express or implied warranty. In no event will the author be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software. The author retains copyright.

You will find in extenso license in your member account, after Sign Up and Login.


Contact Us:

If you have problem with our system or other problems please let us to know at Brain Wave Producer or complete our online form.

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